with my whole heart

with my whole heart (2)

This was the final piece I produced for this collection. This piece was created after a conversation I had with a new friend about passion. She said to me, “You’re so passionate, Sarah”, and the idea made me recoil. Still, in the back of my mind this idea sat with me. I could agree that I was a passionate person, but was I being passionate about the right things? So, I painted about the discovery of my passion.

“my melted popsicles” exhibit, Satori Art Gallery, May 2019 – June 2019

mixed medium acrylics on 24″ x 36″” x 2″ cradled clayboard panels.

Published by SarahHendersonART31

When working on a piece I pick color based on instinct and apply each with a variety of techniques. All of the pieces have bumps, grooves, swirls, dots, and drips.

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